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Cultural Tour. The archaeological capital of America are classified . It was the center of the Inca Empire. According to legend, the city was founded around 1200 BC by Manco Capac and Mama emerged from Lake Titicaca Occlo his father , the sun command. This period ended with the arrival of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro on November 15, 1533 , when he began the Spanish rule.


Located in the southern highlands of Peru , at an altitude of 3,326 Mts. above sea level , this region has pleasant and dramatic landscapes and the fascinating ruins of America, such as: Machu Picchu " The Lost City of the Incas", which is considered one of the wonders of the world, and a remarkable strength Sacsayhuaman Inca built with huge stones.


Schedule I



The altiplano southern Bolivia , where native Aymara culture still very much alive . La Paz is the highest world metropolis (3600 Mts above sea level )


Day 01 : Departure from your country

Day 02 : Arrival Lima airport , transfer to your hotel choice.

Day 03 : Flight Cuzco Lima . Cuzco airport arrival transfer to your hotel. Afternoon City tour.


Day 04 : Excursion 8:00 . at 16:00 Sacred Valley , excluding transportation to visit Q'orso craft market , Pisac archaeological site visit. Lunch at the restaurant. Then continuing on to the archaeological city or tambo Ollantay stones pave way back to Cuzco . Night Hotel.


Day 05 : Early morning excursion to Machupicchu this site was discovered in 1911 by " HIRAM BIGHAM " Master of Yale University USA and is considered one of the most important archaeological remains of humanity. Back After a visit to Machu Picchu to Cusco. Night Hotel.

Day 06 : Transfer OUT (Hotel - Bus terminal ) morning trip to Puno including culturally tour + lunch 6:00 p.m. arrival to Puno . Transfer to your hotel.

Day 07 : Excursion to the island of Taquile Urus and lunch included , afternoon return to Puno hotel.

Day 08 : Transfer to Peru Bolivia fronting " Emigration Cazani " Shuttle Bus with motorboat and Copacabana and Isla del Sol trip takes two hours, accommodation + full board .


Day 09 : Return to Copacabana, tour to Calvary , market, cathedral lasts half day , afternoon transfer to La Paz 150 km trip takes 4 hours, arriving at your hotel en La Paz.

Day 10: Morning: City tour and visits Witches Market , Government Palace , parliament, Kili Kili Mirador , Studio, Residential Kalakoto finally Moon Valley , transfer to your hotel.



Day 11 : Excursion to the tropical town of Coroico (1,700 mts) , On the sea level. From 4800m descent to the spectacular ( Death Road )  most famous road in the world overnight hotel.

Day 12 : Visit the beautiful surroundings of Coroico, coca plantation and fruit , etc. . Return to the city of La Paz, Hotel accommodation .
Journey Uyuni

Day 13 : flight to Uyuni, reception Airport transfer to the town of Uyuni to hotel accommodation.
After starting and stopping the big salar tourist sites, Inca Wassi Island , Tunupa , overnight hostel Jirira desert.

Day 14 : Drive to Uyuni - Potosí. Landscape different ecological floors trip takes 5 hours. Arrival Potosí world's highest city at 4100m . Hotel accommodation .

Day 15 : Morning visit to the mine Paillaviri greatest silver mine in Latin America visit lasts
9-12:30 . Afternoon visit Casa de la Moneda Museum 14:30 - 5 Pm .

Day 16 : Travel to Sucre. Journey time approx. 3 hours arrival at your hotel. Free afternoon .

Day 17: City tour : including ...

Day 18 : Flight to Santa Cruz. Arrival airport transfer to hotel. Afternoon City tour Santa Cruz. Overnight hotel.

Day 19 : Tour Samaipata (Full day) Lunch included . Afternoon return to Santa Cruz hotel.

Day 20 : Connecting flight to Europe .

Day 21: Arrive at your location to your trip .

  SEASON: March to November


- Transfer T - AT and T -OUT
- Lima -Hotel **** 1 Night
- Hotel Cusco *** 3 Nights
- Hotel Puno *** 2 Nights
- Hostal Isla del Sol - 1 Night
- Hotel La Paz ***** 3 night including continental breakfast
- Salar de Uyuni Hotel 1 night
- Potosi *** -Hotel , 2 nights
- Sucre -Hotel *** 2 nights
- Santa Cruz -hotel **** 2 Nights
- Exclusive bus transportation , bilingual guide .


-  personal materials,
- Extra costs were mentioned
Travel insurance personally with evacuation insurance coverage.
-Dinner during your stay in  hotel, neck Luna, bathrooms, etc.



We recommend you to be fully equipped before any shipment advise. Members of the high mountain expedition must have the following complete personal climbing equipment :
- Lt. Climbing Backpack 50 plastic boots, crampons, ice ax / ice , harness , a pair of waterproof leggings , a pair of prusicks , sleeping bag able to withstand the temperature of - 20 ° C , respectively mat and pad isolated , rain jacket and feather / goro -tex jacket, wind, snow , snow pants good bats , good cold gloves , protective creams , good socks , protective cap cold and sun, snow goggle lateral protection and protective creams snow and sun, head lamp with new batteries , first aid kit , individual water bottles .

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